Gym, the necessary dopamine

Gym the necessary dopamine

For a few people gym is, rather becomes the necessary dopamine.

Why do we go to the gym?

Many people go to stay fit, look good, gain weight, lose weight, maintain weight.
But few go to the gym because of heartbreak, take out their day-to-day frustration in a positive way, to prove someone, something.
All makes sense, right?
Shout yes (Don’t)

It’s the first day of a new year, you enter your gym and see many new faces, the gym is full to its capacity, you feel irritated and say “Why man, so many people today?” then you realize “Oh! a new year and new resolution”

Few days down the line, it is back to normal, many people leave, or just stop coming, which is okay, we all have our reasons.

To the people who keep hitting the gym, why do they do so?
You must be thinking that they are focused.
Have a goal to achieve, be it fat loss or muscle gain.
So many goals or reasons why one hits the gym.

Let me draw your attention towards a new perspective. I refer to it as the dopamine effect.

When you look in the mirror and see the growth you have made when it comes to your body, realize how you looked vs how you look now, that I feel releases so much dopamine in your brain, that you continue to keep putting in the hard work. So one decides not to miss the workout. You just happen to find time for it.

You feel more confident.
No wonder why gym-goers, click a lot of mirror selfies, many just want to show off, won’t argue on that, but many just love looking at the progress that they are making. It is this very thing that is addictive, that releases enough dopamine in your brain to keep you hooked with the idea that ” I should hit the gym today”

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